Getting Started

Thank You for your BudgetGPS order! We appreciate your business!

Mounting the GPS hardware in your Vehicle:
The units mount inside the cab of the truck and should be mounted as high as possible in the cab near the front windshield. This mounting allows for the best GPS satellite connectivity possible. Please review the additional information defined in Vehicle Installation.

Accessing the mapping application:
Proir to receiving your equipment you will receive an email with your login information to the BudgetGPS website. Please send an email to to request additional user accounts.

Note: Having the same user account active from multiple will cause session timeouts and will require you to login frequently.

After receiving your user accounts, you may login from the website.

Once logged in, you will need to finalize:

Once these menu items are setup, you are ready to begin using the GPS tracking system.

Thank You for your order.

Should you have questions and need support, please email We will answer all questions as quickly as possible during normal business hours Monday - Friday.